What licenses do you have, and can I request a copy?

We are a CLIA-certified, CAP-accredited clinical laboratory. Click here to view our licenses and certifications.

What types of samples do you accept, and what are the specimen requirements?

For details on specimen drawing and handling requirements, please click here.

How do I order supplies/request kits?

Simply complete the supply order form and submit it to Client Services by emailing or faxing it to clientservices@combimatrix.com or 949.753.4725 respectively. For a supply order form, click here.

Do you accept samples on Saturdays?

Yes we do. Please be sure to mark Saturday delivery on your FedEx air bill.

Which providers are you in-network with?

We are proud to be in-network for more than 214 million patients in the United States—and growing. For a full list of contracted partners, please visit our in-network partners page.

What is the cost of a microarray?

Please call 949.753.0624 option 2 for our Billing Department.

Where can I find commonly used ICD-9 codes?

For a complete list of ICD-9 codes for both developmental disorders and oncology, please refer to: www.icd9data.com

What is the usual turn-around-time for results?

For developmental disorders, results are typically available between 5-7 business days after receipt of the sample. Confirmatory testing of any abnormal findings requires additional time. 

Do you have a Genetic Counselor?

Yes. CombiMatrix is proud to offer our clients complimentary access to expert assistance with case review, test selection and result interpretation through our Genetic Counseling Services program. Genetic counseling services available to clinicians and their professional staff include telephone and/or email consultations with one of our board-certified genetic counselors. To reach our Genetic Counseling Services program, call 800.710.0624, option 3 or click here to contact via email.

I have questions about my patient’s test results. Who should I contact?

Please call Client Services at 800.710.0624 option 1 to discuss your question. You will then be put in contact with a genetic counselor, laboratory director, or our medical director depending on your specific question and needs.

What is a CombiSNP Array?

A CombiSNP™ Array is a high-resolution single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) microarray which detects numeric chromosome abnormalities, and unbalanced structural rearrangements, microdeletion/duplication syndromes, maternal cell contamination (MCC) and long stretches of homozygosity, which can indicate common ancestry or uniparental disomy (UPD).



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