We are committed to equality in patient care: All patients should have access to physician-recommended diagnostic testing, regardless of insurance status.

Our billing policy that reflects our commitment to unparalleled diagnostic services at a responsible cost, and includes a patient protection plan that minimizes the patient out of pocket expense.


We are contracted with many insurance carriers and health plans, either directly or via network providers. Although specific plans and geographic coverage may vary, we are committed to making the genetic testing process as simple and cost effective as possible. We are happy to answer patients’  insurance questions and will make appeals on their behalf.

If you have questions about whether or not your patient’s insurance will cover testing, you can seek pre-authorization or pre-certification of the patient’s benefits by providing the insurer with your patient’s diagnosis (ICD-10) code(s) and the CPT code(s).

Molecular CPT Codes

  • Microarray for prenatal or pediatric diagnosis: 81229
  • Microarray for pregnancy loss: 81229 and 88381