CombiMatrix Reviews and Testimonials

CombiMatrix has been the most reliable and accommodating laboratory throughout my genetics practice. I have fast turnarounds and reports are excellent. Whenever I have a question about interpretation, one of the lab directors is available the same day to talk on the phone. I really like CombiTrak access, which allows for not only access to the results but also monitoring of tests in progress. The lab's insurance policy is outstanding and I have been able to test all of my patients with insurance (including Medicaid) without significant out-of-pocket expense. I strongly recommend CombiMatrix for microarray services and cytogenetic confirmation, without any reservation.”

Dmitriy M. Niyazov, M.D.
Section Head - Medical Genetics
Department of Pediatrics
Ochsner Clinic Foundation
New Orleans, LA

After dealing with many lab GCs, the GCs at CombiMatrix are the perfect example of what a lab GC needs to be: friendly, resourceful, and so helpful with the information that we clinical GCs need to counsel our patients, giving us the time to do what we do best by providing us with the resources we need, instead of just saying, “did you not look up the article we referenced?” which is often what happens. Thanks so much!”

Michelle Moore, MS, CGC
Certified Genetic Counselor
Maternal Fetal Medicine
University of Colorado

As a long time user of the CombiMatrix Technical Only Program (TOP) I can attest to its speed, ease of function and accuracy. TOP has evolved through constant improvements to consistently offer the highest level of resolution available. Instant access to internal and public data bases and consultation with CombiMatrix’ scientific staff has assured a seamless flow of timely results to our clients and patients. It has allowed us to apply these rapidly developing genetic diagnostic technologies locally and so become a small part of the national and international spread of this burgeoning field of medicine.”

Gregory Mengden, Ph.D.
Southwest Genetics, PA
San Antonio, TX

CombiMatrix’s invaluable medical experience and specific arrays make it easier to understand when and why arrays should be utilized, maximizing the benefit of molecular diagnostics for both physicians and patients.”

Rene D. Gomez, MD
Medical Director Genomi-K
Monterrey, MX

Combimatrix’s turn-around time for SNP microarray is surprisingly quick, typically less than one week! Combimatrix’s GCs make themselves directly available and work with providers to serve each patient’s needs. The out-of-pocket maximum cost of Combimatrix’s SNP microarray to uninsured patients is very low and patient-friendly.”

Genetic Counselor
Medical Center
Chicago, IL

Apart from this good news, your kindness and understanding had immensely made our day. I was touched by how willing you were to assist us in looking for ways to help us as much as possible. I cannot thank you enough for sending me a copy of my result. I was concerned I would not receive a copy in time to share with my family, and if it weren't for you, we wouldn’t have been able to get this report until much later in our trip, so the email you sent means a lot to us.

Thank you so much. Your kind words, exceptional service, and care restored my faith in the healthcare system and the people involved whom our lives and emotions hugely depend upon - especially in these critical moments of finding out what the future holds for our family. From our small interaction, you have been nothing but an angel to a family like ours. I will remember your name and kindness.”

Chicago, IL

The staff at CombiMatrix have been wonderful to work with--professional, knowledgeable, and easy to reach. They are consistently a great resource and a pleasure to interact with.”

Genetic Counselor
New Orleans, LA

I went to CombiMatrix to find answers regarding my miscarriage that occurred nearly 5 years ago. This is an unusual request in my eyes -and they didn't even bat an eye. They were so easy to work with and made everything straightforward about the process involved with this type of testing. Aside from getting initiating the conversation with my OB's office, CombiMatrix handled the rest; I didn't even have to lift a finger. I honestly feel this company gave me answers I never thought I could find so many years later. I am so grateful for their hard work and dedication to providing the answers I was seeking. Thank you CombiMatrix for giving that chapter in my life the closure I feel it deserved.”

Stefanie Castro
Huntingon Beach, CA